Missions Procedures and Philosophy

Faith Baptist Church receives many requests from good missionaries almost every week asking to present their work and calling. We wish we could accommodate them all, but that would be unrealistic. Because we have so many of our current missionaries reporting to our church on Wednesday nights when they are home on furlough, we have chosen here at Faith to bring candidate missionaries before our church only during our annual missions conference which is held every year in October. This way it gives several days for our people to get to know the candidate missionary and for the candidate missionary to get to know our Pastor and our people.

The entire world is in desperate need of the gospel. Our current missions’ philosophy is driven by our burden for countries and the unreached people groups within the 10/40* window.

Ninety seven per cent of the people in the least evangelized countries live in this area. Since much of this region is inaccessible to American missionaries, the focus must be upon supporting indigenous church planters and ministries. It is our desire to consider new missionaries or ministries who are targeting countries and unreached people groups in this region. Eight per cent of our current missionaries serve in countries within the 10/40.

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*10/40 is missions shorthand for the most populous and least-reached region of the world. The 10/40 window is 10˚ north latitude to 40˚ north latitude. It contains 2/3 of the world’s people along with the superlatives of despair—worst poverty, shortest lifespan, greatest persecution, least access to the Gospel. Yet 90% of all American missionaries go to countries outside the 10/40 window, and less than a nickel of every mission dollar is spent targeting this region of neglect.
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