Youth Workers' Requirements


Attention Current Youth Workers:

Once each year, we require all of our active Youth Workers to re-read our Youth Ministries Policy Manual. If you have not read the Policy Manual in its entirety since September 3rd, 2016, you must do so before October 2nd. Click here to access a copy of the Policy ManualIn order to continue serving in your present role in our youth ministry, you must first complete this requirement.

Once you have finished reading the policy manual, please submit your name here. (These instructions apply to current workers only. New Volunteers, please follow the instructions below.)



Instructions for new Volunteers:

If you are interested in working in any of our Youth Ministries, we ask that you complete each of the appropriate set of requirements below, based on your age. We know this represents an investment of your time and may seem a bit tedious. Please understand that our intention is only to provide the safest environment for our young people as possible. Thank you for your willingness and understanding!

New teen volunteers  (ages 12-17):

1. Print and fill out a copy of the Information Questionnaire and Agreement Form for teen volunteers and turn it in to Pastor Joe. Upon graduating from the Youth Group and turning 18, you will need to complete the required background check and video training.


New adult volunteers (18 and older):

1. Download and read the current Youth Ministries Policy Manual in its entirety. Once completed, simply indicate that you have read it on the Questionnaire mentioned below.

2. Download and complete a copy of our Youth Workers' Information Questionnaire. After you have completed it, turn it in to Pastor Joe in a sealed envelope with your name on the outside.

3. Submit your name and information online for a required background check. Note that this is a separate and additional requirement from #2 above. Be assured that your personal information is entirely secure and will be viewed only by the Youth Pastor. You may request to see a copy of your background check by contacting him.

4. After submitting your completed Questionnaire, you will receive an email with a link giving you access to a required set of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training videos. At the end of the videos you must successfully pass the required quiz.

Once the Youth Pastor has received your information and has reviewed it, he will contact you to follow up. 


Thank you for your ministry and investment in our families and young people at Faith Baptist Church! We look forward to serving with you in this ministry! If you have any questions, you may call Pastor Joe Vaughn at our church office anytime.

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