Welcome to the music ministry of Faith Baptist Church! It is our desire at FBC music be a unifying activity in our services, something that all our people can effectively use to ascribe eternal worth to our great Savior.

Faith Baptist Church stands unashamedly for a Biblical approach to music and worship. Though we are intentionally distinctive in both our musical style and performance practices, it doesn't follow that our music will be boring or dated. We are doing our utmost to engage the congregation each week as we come together to worship the Lord--we desire to use music that is both doctrinally rich and heartfelt in its presentation.

Above all our music program is a sacrifice of praise (Heb 13:15) to the Lord. This necessitates that we understand not only what the Bible specifically states about worship and praise, but also that we discern other Scriptural principles that affect this important part of our ministry. We do not exist simply to provide exciting special music, or to "give a good show" each Sunday. We have a much higher calling! We are leading our congregation in the important activity of praise. This is an activity which must be accomplished in the Spirit and through the power of prayer.

Our music program is based on participation, not on passive spectatorism. The most important thing we can do is to encourage our people to sing "with the spirit and with the understanding also" (I Cor. 14:15). Because this is true we have a variety of musical groups for each age in our congregation. We encourage every member of FBC to consider taking part in one of these groups as God has given you the talents:

Children's Choirs--meeting Sunday at 5 PM
1st-3rd Grade Choir--led by Michelle Mackey
4th-6th Grade Choir--led by Jesse Bullard
Teen Choir--meeting Sunday at 5:10 PM
Led by Kerry Baggett
Orchestra--meeting Sunday at 4:30 PM
Led by Dr. Seth Custer
Adult Choir--meeting Sunday at 4:30
Led by Tim Fisher


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