2016-2017 Ministers In Training


*ALL Participants are required to fill out this form, save it, and email a copy to Cindy Franklin at cfranklin@fbctaylors.org

Printable Zone Maps



*If you have any questions please call the church office and ask for Cindy Franklin at 864-322-0700 or email her at cfranklin@fbctaylors.org



MIT is a two year internship program designed for members or associate members of Faith Baptist Church who are college juniors and above or couples and single adults already out of school desiring to pursue the ministry. An informal relationship will be maintained with freshmen and sophomores to prepare them to enter the MIT internship program. A certificate of completion will be awarded for those who complete the requirements.

There are two formal meetings, September 25 and April 23, following the morning service. The September 25 meeting will describe the program. Those desiring to enter the MIT program will be given until October 9 to sign up online at www.fbctaylors.org. Each mentee will be assigned a mentor for the two years of the internship. Mentors will help with training in personal devotions and journaling, and encourage mentees as they prepare for the ministry God has called them to do. Evangelism and discipleship are major components with regular evangelism opportunities as well as training in outreach and record keeping.



  • Keep a daily journal of your spiritual activity.
  • Meet weekly with mentor to go over evangelism activity in assigned zone.
  • Meet monthly with your mentor to discuss your personal devotions, walk with the Lord, and your journal.
  • Attend assigned SS classes in the Fall Quarter to learn about the SS ministry. Will have the opportunity to teach a class at least one time.
  • Attend a class addressing ministry related topics during the SS hour beginning Feb. 5 through Apr. 30.
  • Attend Freedom That Lasts on Friday evenings and complete at least Book One


  • Deacons meeting (men only)
  • Pastoral Staff meeting (men only)
  • Women’s Conference planning session (women only)
  • SS Teachers and Officers meeting
  • Missions Ministry Team meeting
  • Youth sponsors meeting
  • Rehearsals of the adult, teen, and children’s choirs
  • Wednesday night Frontline Club children’s ministry
  • Counseling  session


  • Lead in prayer for Sunday services.
  • Bring a Wednesday prayer challenge.
  • Participate in a nursing home service.
  • Bring a challenge in the monthly Saturday morning Outreach.
  • Observe preparation for the Lord’s Table.
  • Observe preparation for a baptismal service.
  • Participate in the set up and cleanup of a church wide fellowship.


  • Evangelism and discipleship will be a major component of the MIT internship program.
  • In October each mentee will be assigned an area/zone to evangelize for two years building relationships within that area. This area will be assigned by the director of the MIT internship program.
  • Weekly visitation will be expected along with the developing of a good record keeping system. Reports will be shared weekly with the mentee’s mentor.
  • Each mentee is encouraged to recruit other helpers to work in his zone.
  • The mentor will provide training in evangelism and how to develop a ministry in the mentee’s zone.


  1. Philosophy of Use and Maintenance of Church Facilities
  2. Ministry of the Second Man
  3. Philosophy of Church Music
  4. Implementation of a Building Program
  5. Philosophy of Debt in Relationship to a Building Program/How to Secure a Loan
  6. Financial Accountability/Checks and Balances
  7. The Pastor’s Role as Counselor
  8. Philosophy of Youth Ministry
  9. Role of the Evangelist in the Local Church
  10. The Local Church’s Missions Program
  11. Church Planting
  12. Developing Relationships within the Sunday School
  13. Developing a Preaching Plan for the Church

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