Special Needs Ministries

Caregiving by Faith is a ministry to children and adults who have special needs and are low functioning.

This class seeks to enrich these individuals with the Word of God and to provide an opportunity for their parents or guardians to worship.

Caregiving by Faith meets during the morning service and Growth Groups in the Bridge Room 101.

For further information contact:
Phil and Sheri Price

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Treasured Friends is a class for young people and adults with developmental delays or disabilities.

This class provides a variety of activities including songs, Bible lessons, snacks, craft time, and a missionary story.

Treasured Friends meets during the morning service and Growth Groups in the Bridge Room 102.

For further information contact:
Becky Smith

We invite you to bring your child or family member to the Bridge (main floor) to participate in Caregiving by Faith or Treasured Friends. We are confident you will find these ministries to be a blessing to your family if you have a loved one with special needs!

For more information about how our church values special needs ministries, please visit our school website. Many years ago, the Lord allowed Faith to start Hidden Treasure Christian School, a private special needs school, as an extension of our passion to minister to special needs children and their families.