Mentoring Moms

What is Mentoring Moms?

Mentoring Moms is a women’s Bible study that provides an opportunity for younger and older moms to connect and to develop friendships.  The idea springs from the Titus 2 command for the "older women” in the church to reach out and teach the younger ones. All women in the community are welcome to join us!

What is the format?

This semester, we will use the book The Role of a Lifetime - The Script God Wrote for Women, by Claudia Barba.  This book “examines God’s extraordinary script for women and recognizes the unique gifts and abilities they are given to fulfill their role.”  Each week we will enjoy refreshments and fellowship, then a main study session, and finally a discussion time in our small groups.   

What are the dates and where do we meet?

Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30 

February 27th to April 30th, 2020 (10 weeks)

Meet in the Bridge Fireplace room.

Is childcare provided?

Yes!  Free childcare, but please register your children as soon as possible so that we can plan for enough childcare helpers. The older children will enjoy play time and games, as well as a weekly Bible lesson and other special activities! 

Is there any cost?

Books are $6.00 each, available at our first meeting. There are no other fees.

Can I invite a friend who is not a member of FBC?

Yes, please invite your friends!  And you don’t have to be a mother to participate.  All young wives are welcome to register and attend!

How do I sign up?

Register online by clicking here We can’t wait to see you there!

Any other questions?

Please e-mail Lecia at leciafranklin@gmail.com