Supporting Parents With Safe, Nurturing Nursery Care

At Faith Baptist Church, we want all of our members to have the opportunity to worship together, benefit from sound Bible teaching, and fellowship with others. Our nursery ministry helps make this possible for parents of children aged from birth through age two. When children turn three, they are promoted to our preschool classes in the children's church program. 

Nursery Care By Age and Stage of Development

Our nursery program is divided into four rooms based on age and development:

Infants: For newborns and infants through 9 months. We also provide a private area for new moms to care for their infants' needs.

Wobblers: For children from 10 months through 16 months. Babies who are not mobile at 10 months may remain in the Infant nursery until they are mobile.

Toddlers: For children from 17 months through 23 months.

Trotters: For children who are 2 years old. The Trotters have their own Sunday School class where they sing songs and learn about God through stories and puppets. The Trotter nursery includes a large play area, and children can also listen to books or work puzzles with childcare workers in the Learning Center.

Safety and Worker Training

The safety of your children is our top priority at Faith Baptist Church. All nursery workers are required to undergo a background check and to complete training and certification through MinistrySafe, an organization dedicated to helping ministries provide a safe environment for children. 


For more information, please contact us.