Children's Ministries Reopening

Over the last few months, we have missed our children, but Sunday morning July 5th, Children's Church will meet! The following information is to help you best know what to expect for your child here at Faith Baptist over the next few weeks.

Why has Faith chosen to open the children’s ministries now?

In seeking to follow the guidelines set by our local and national governments, we have not considered the opportunity to open our children’s ministries to be a possibility before now. Could we have chosen to wait longer? Yes! But we believe that moving ahead cautiously is important, too. While we would love to see all our Faith families in the coming weeks, we also encourage them to make the decision that is best for their family members and support their decisions.

What services will Faith be providing for children?

  • The infant and trotters nurseries are already open for children up to two years old for the morning services only. 

  • K3-K4 and K5-3rd graders will be meeting in their usual Children’s Church rooms in the Children’s Ministry Wing during the Sunday morning service only. All children K3 through 3rd grade will be dismissed following the song service. The Children’s Church teachers will meet them at the back doors of the auditorium and take them to their respective classes.

How will the classrooms and procedures have changed since the last time my kids were at Faith?

  • The biggest difference in the nursery is that there will be fewer toys and more effort will be given to sanitizing and hand washing as needed.

  • In the K3-K4 class, tables will be set up for children to sit distanced from each other and teachers.

  • Each child will be given his or her own bag of craft supplies (crayons, etc.) so that items are not being shared and cross-contaminated. 

  • We will not be serving snacks at this time.

A few extra comments:

  • We are not requiring our volunteers or children to wear masks.

  • We are not requiring a temperature check at the door for children’s church (we will have touchless infrared thermometers available as needed). Nursery will continue to have temperature checks at the door. 

  • We will only use the bathrooms if it is an emergency. Two adults are required to be present and are not permitted to enter the bathroom with the child.

  • We will be using hand sanitizer or washing hands as needed.

We are looking forward to welcoming our Faith kids back to church!