Stouffer, George and Gerry


Location / Asia
Country / 10/40 Window
Mission Board / International Partnership Ministries, Inc.

About Us

George led the Harrisburg School of the Bible in Harrisburg, PA for 20 years where they have been involved in training Christians for service. The Stouffers’ burden is to partner with Bible schools on these fields to help give them the tools they need to effectively train nationals for the ministry. They “teach the teachers” in these schools in Bible and music, and help them learn to utilize Bible study resources through the aid of computer software.
They strive to visit 3 or more Bible Colleges per year, for a total of 9 months out of the country each year. A computerized library is the least expensive way to establish this resource at Bible Colleges. Remote libraries have been supplied to many countries.

George teaches many Bible courses, and is proficient using the Bible software programs he carries with him to these schools. Gerri teaches music lessons as well as teaching ladies’ Bible studies. Many times these Christians, who love to praise God in song have very few melodies. As the nationals learn to read music, they have access to many more hymns.